Great splitboard trips cost, be that measured in time or money. As amazing as a 5-day powder hunting trip across the Alps is, or 10 days of splitboard touring in Georgia might be, these sessions don’t always fit into everyone’s budget, skill-set or calendar schedules.

We’d like to help out where we can, for anyone who might be in one of those categories mentioned above.

Splitboarding can be an expensive hobby to get into. That’s a stone cold truth. Wouldn’t it be great if everyone (who wanted to) could experience what splitboard touring has to offer without breaking the bank on an introductory session?

Well, by stripping back just a few elements from our core offering we believe we can hopefully remove some of those financial barriers to entry.

Splitboarding can also be a slightly confusing sport to get into. That’s another fact. Log-on and read any splitboard forum, the same questions are posted all the time. What size splitboard do I need? Which equipment should I buy? How do I do this technique? etc. How can you avoid dropping a bunch of money on a splitboard set-up that might not be right for you?

Imagine if it was all explained to you by pro splitboard guides who let you try out different equipment and taught you how to use it properly. Imagine being professionally guided on splitboards with them and having those questions answered, and your technique polished up at the same time.

Splitboard trips can also eat into your holiday allowance. Multi-day tours are incredible experiences but if you’re just starting out then you’ll possibly appreciate the opportunity to try it out for a couple of days, before signing up to a longer session.

That’s why we’re offering 2-day splitboard ‘taster’ sessions running on each Saturday and Sunday throughout winter 2024.

We hope these sessions will offer balance – for people looking for an intro session that fits into their busy work schedules. At a lower price point but not at the expense of sacrificing the teaching of core splitboarding skills. By helping people better understand what they might really need from their equipment.

Another aspect to our mission is to get more people SAFELY involved in splitboarding.

Planning a tour, understanding the weather & conditions that day and making safe choices in the mountain isn’t always straightforward. Learning about general navigation in the mountains and making good choices for the ascents and descents are important, these things aren’t always signposted.

Knowing how best to carry a splitboard on your pack, when to deploy splitboard crampons and how to make an efficient kickturn takes time to learn.

It can be daunting.

This is where we can help you progress faster on this journey. Modules on snow safety modules, terrain awareness, avalanche search and search and rescue practice are also included. Perfect for learning or refreshing existing skills.

Course dates & times

Running Each Saturday and Sunday throughout the winter, commencing 20th Jan 2024. Please contact us for availability