Splitboard Trips and Courses

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Introduction to Splitboarding

Our splitboard introduction trips and courses have been carefully designed through the years to ensure you’ll learn both splitboarding & backcountry craft in the most comfortable environment.

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Big Mountain & High Altitude Splitboard Touring

This is an exhilarating backcountry experience for splitboarders looking to chase the best conditions.

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Worldwide Splitboard Adventures

New Mountains & Cultural Experiences In Special Destinations Across The World. Including Norway, Romania & Georgia.

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Course Dates

  • Trip & Split 5 Day Sessions

    Big mountains, giant couloirs, beautiful glaciers and always, always hunting for powder.  Storm chasers click here.

    16th Mar 2024 – 20th Mar 2024

    7th Apr 2024 – 11th Apr 2024

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  • Weekend Splitboard Taster Trips. All Skills No Frills

    Great splitboard trips cost, be that measured in time or money. As amazing as a 5-day powder hunting trip across the Alps is, or 10 days of splitboard touring in Georgia might be, these sessions don’t always fit into everyone’s budget, skill-set or calendar schedules.

    We’d like to help out where we can, for anyone who might be in one of those categories mentioned above.

    Splitboarding can be an expensive hobby to get into. That’s a stone cold truth. Wouldn’t it be great if everyone (who wanted to) could experience what splitboard touring has to offer without breaking the bank on an introductory session?

    Well, by stripping back just a few elements from our core offering we believe we can hopefully remove some of those financial barriers to entry.

    Splitboarding can also be a slightly confusing sport to get into. That’s another fact. Log-on and read any splitboard forum, the same questions are posted all the time. What size splitboard do I need? Which equipment should I buy? How do I do this technique? etc. How can you avoid dropping a bunch of money on a splitboard set-up that might not be right for you?

    Imagine if it was all explained to you by pro splitboard guides who let you try out different equipment and taught you how to use it properly. Imagine being professionally guided on splitboards with them and having those questions answered, and your technique polished up at the same time.

    Splitboard trips can also eat into your holiday allowance. Multi-day tours are incredible experiences but if you’re just starting out then you’ll possibly appreciate the opportunity to try it out for a couple of days, before signing up to a longer session.

    That’s why we’re offering 2-day splitboard ‘taster’ sessions running on each Saturday and Sunday throughout winter 2024.

    We hope these sessions will offer balance – for people looking for an intro session that fits into their busy work schedules. At a lower price point but not at the expense of sacrificing the teaching of core splitboarding skills. By helping people better understand what they might really need from their equipment.

    Another aspect to our mission is to get more people SAFELY involved in splitboarding.

    Planning a tour, understanding the weather & conditions that day and making safe choices in the mountain isn’t always straightforward. Learning about general navigation in the mountains and making good choices for the ascents and descents are important, these things aren’t always signposted.

    Knowing how best to carry a splitboard on your pack, when to deploy splitboard crampons and how to make an efficient kickturn takes time to learn.

    It can be daunting.

    This is where we can help you progress faster on this journey. Modules on snow safety modules, terrain awareness, avalanche search and search and rescue practice are also included. Perfect for learning or refreshing existing skills.

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  • Break Into Backcountry. Splitboard Alpinism & Freeride

    Splitboard trips for those who are looking to ride more interesting lines at higher altitudes and learn the fundamentals of backcountry craft.

    Perhaps you already have a few days of splitboard experience under your belt and are now looking to step up into bigger mountain terrain?

    10th Mar 2024 – 13th Mar 2024

    14th Apr 2024 – 17th Apr 2024

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  • Splitboard Chablais 3 Day Sessions

    These 3-day splitboard trips are perfect for those who want to either learn to splitboard, improve on their existing splitboard technique or for people just looking to ride the best snow in the area.

    19th Jan 2024 – 21st Jan 2024

    26th Jan 2024 – 28th Jan 2024

    2nd Feb 2024 – 4th Feb 2024

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  • Splitboard Georgia

    Georgia is a cultural gem, the capital of Tbilisi is worth going for on its own.  If you mix that in with some incredible places to ride , you get to go on an unforgettable splitboarding adventure.

    Since a planned 2020 split trip cancelled due to the pandemic we have been itching to get over there, and especially to this particular zone which has been on our radar for a while.  The time feels right and we are excited to finally visit the mountains of the Greater Caucasus in March 2024

    The backcountry basecamp we have found for you is situated at 1,820 meters above sea level and has direct access to some fabulous splitboard touring routes.  The diversity of the terrain here was also a key factor for us in choosing it as a destination.  The highest elevation point accessible by splitboard is around 3,100 meters and the zone also has many options in both the forest and the alpine areas, so it gives us great options for riding, whatever the conditions might be.

    Tree runs are plentiful for the bad weather days, technical steeps are abundant in the alpine for when the sun shines and long, mellow, home run powder fields lead us back to the camp.

    As backcountry camps go this one is positively luxurious…

    You’ll be staying in shared (2 person) two-layer winter modular tents which are heated individually with piping hot wood-burning stoves and storage / kit drying facilities.   The large camp dining tent has a full kitchen where your meals are freshly prepared each day (by the camp hosts) and your glasses constantly filled with Georgian wine, beer and ‘chacha’ (brandy)

    This camp also has electricity, Wi-Fi and a steam room with a hot shower, it really is the most remarkable set up we’ve come across.

    Our splitboard Georgia session  is for a maximum of 5 clients who will be led by splitboard guide Paul Verdier (UIAGM).   This means you will only make splitboard friendly ascents and descents on this trip.  It’s a pretty exclusive session and you will get to ride more interesting terrain as part of a small, tightknit splitboard only crew.

    23rd Mar 2024 – 30th Mar 2024

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  • Splitboard Romania

    A Romanian Alpine Adventure.  Nestled in the Fagaras range of the Carpathian mountains in Transylvania is a gem of a zone.  Backcountry access equipment will be required on most days  to help us make the technical ascents.  The reward is a staggering variety of terrain  to ride – steep couloirs,  big faces and long fields of powder await.

    1st Mar 2024 – 9th Mar 2024

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  • Splitboard Norway

    Norway is a dream splitboarding destination and it should be on your bucket list.  We are excited to return to a relatively off the radar splitboard destination, far away from the usual places.

    Join us in these Arctic Archipelagos where the mountains rise up from the cold seas and fjords, allowing us to ride from summit to sea in other-worldly beauty.   The terrain is varied, long open powder fields,  steep couloirs and well spaced trees are everywhere.

    Each arcing turn you make on the way down will of been earned every step of the way up, starting at sea level the walking is a little easier than if you were splitboarding in altitude.  In fact, the only really breath-taking thing about it will be the views.

    20th Apr 2024 – 27th Apr 2024

    28th Apr 2024 – 5th May 2024

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High Mountain Guide UIAGM

Paul Verdier

UIAGM Splitboard Guide

Jean-Yves Fredriksen

BASI 4 Snowboard & Splitboard Instructor

Rory Burton

Crew Support

Paul Shirley

Crew Support

Jeremy Gordon

Splitboard and Snowboard Instructor

Quentin Keller


We can cater for all level of snowboarder. Introductory splitboard courses teach the fundamental basics of touring. Sessions for splitboard improvers include high alpine trips with a focus on backcountry craft whilst our finely paced hut to hut tours & speciality storm chasing road trips are perfect for those with a little more experience.

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