Splitboard Trips and Courses

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Introduction to Splitboarding

Our splitboard introduction trips and courses have been carefully designed through the years to ensure you’ll learn both splitboarding & backcountry craft in the most comfortable environment.

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Big Mountain & High Altitude Splitboard Touring

This is an exhilarating backcountry experience for splitboarders looking to chase the best conditions.

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Worldwide Splitboard Adventures

New Mountains & Cultural Experiences In Special Destinations Across The World. Including Norway, Romania & Georgia.

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Course Dates

  • Trip & Split 5 Day Sessions

    A splitboard trip over 5-days.  Big mountains, giant couloirs, beautiful glaciers and always, always hunting for powder.  Storm chasers click here.

    23rd Mar 2025 – 27th Mar 2025

    30th Mar 2024 – 3rd Apr 2025

    6th Apr 2025 – 10th Apr 2025

    27th Apr 2025 – 1st May 2015

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  • Weekend Splitboard Taster Trips. All Skills No Frills

    Great splitboard trips cost, be that measured in time or money. As amazing as a 5-day powder hunting trip across the Alps is, or 10 days of splitboard touring in Georgia might be, these sessions don’t always fit into everyone’s budget, skill-set or calendar schedules.

    We’d like to help out where we can, for anyone who might be in one of those categories mentioned above.

    Splitboarding can be an expensive hobby to get into. That’s a stone cold truth. Wouldn’t it be great if everyone (who wanted to) could experience what splitboard touring has to offer without breaking the bank on an introductory session?

    Well, by stripping back just a few elements from our core offering we believe we can hopefully remove some of those financial barriers to entry.

    Splitboarding can also be a slightly confusing sport to get into. That’s another fact. Log-on and read any splitboard forum, the same questions are posted all the time. What size splitboard do I need? Which equipment should I buy? How do I do this technique? etc. How can you avoid dropping a bunch of money on a splitboard set-up that might not be right for you?

    Imagine if it was all explained to you by pro splitboard guides who let you try out different equipment and taught you how to use it properly. Imagine being professionally guided on splitboards with them and having those questions answered, and your technique polished up at the same time.

    Splitboard trips can also eat into your holiday allowance. Multi-day tours are incredible experiences but if you’re just starting out then you’ll possibly appreciate the opportunity to try it out for a couple of days, before signing up to a longer session.

    That’s why we’re offering 2-day splitboard ‘taster’ sessions running on each Saturday and Sunday throughout winter 2024.

    We hope these sessions will offer balance – for people looking for an intro session that fits into their busy work schedules. At a lower price point but not at the expense of sacrificing the teaching of core splitboarding skills. By helping people better understand what they might really need from their equipment.

    Another aspect to our mission is to get more people SAFELY involved in splitboarding.

    Planning a tour, understanding the weather & conditions that day and making safe choices in the mountain isn’t always straightforward. Learning about general navigation in the mountains and making good choices for the ascents and descents are important, these things aren’t always signposted.

    Knowing how best to carry a splitboard on your pack, when to deploy splitboard crampons and how to make an efficient kickturn takes time to learn.

    It can be daunting.

    This is where we can help you progress faster on this journey. Modules on snow safety modules, terrain awareness, avalanche search and search and rescue practice are also included. Perfect for learning or refreshing existing skills.

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  • Break Into Backcountry. Splitboard Alpinism & Freeride

    An advanced splitboard trip for people who are looking to ride more interesting lines at higher altitudes and learn the fundamentals of backcountry craft.

    Perhaps you already have a few days of splitboard experience under your belt and are now looking to step up into bigger mountain terrain?

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  • Splitboard Chablais 3 Day Sessions

    These 3-day splitboard trips are perfect for those who want to either learn to splitboard, improve on their existing splitboard technique or for people just looking to ride the best snow in the area.

    10th Jan 2025 – 12th Jan 2025

    17th Jan 2025 – 19th Jan 2025

    20th Mar 2025 – 22nd Mar 2025

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  • Splitboard Georgia

    After an incredible first visit to this zone, our next Splitboard Georgia trip will run 8th -15th March 2025.

    You’ll fly into Tbilisi and from here we’ll transfer 3.5 hours to Oni in a private mini-coach to Racha and an amazing 200 year old guesthouse.  It is  surrounded by vines from which they make wine (a lot of it) and the Georgian brandy ‘Chacha’.

    Nika and his family will out-do themselves in welcoming you to their family home.  Here we’ll also have lunch and dinner – brace yourselves, this is Georgia and the food hospitality is next level.
    Having experienced a hit of authentic Georgian culture, we’ll spend the night there before making the onward journey to camp.  Early on Sunday morning we’ll jump into their super cool vintage military jeeps and head off.
    “Where’s that?”
    We’ll be returning to the Racha region and our remote basecamp accommodation situated at 1850m in the stunning Caucasus mountains. The unique camp set-up allows us to start splitboarding from the tent door to access the varied freeride terrain that this zone boasts.
    The camp is only accessible on foot or by skidoo.  There is no road.  Did we mention that it’s remote?  On arrival at the camp trailhead we’ll use the camp skidoo to transport our main bags up to it  and make the 600m ascent ourselves on splits.   When we get there we’ll unpack, have lunch, fire up the wood burners in the tents and go for a small skin to practice with transceivers and refresh on search & rescue techniques.
    “But, but – tents?” 
    Yup, Russian made, surprisingly spacious winterised sleeping modules that have been designed for extreme weather conditions.  Each tent sleeps two people on surprisingly comfortable single beds (thanks to memory foam toppers) with lots of space for bags and for drying clothes and kit.  LED lights provide night time visibility and there are drawers for your ‘stuff’.  For warmth, each tent is fitted with a custom made wood burning stove, keeping things toasty at night.  It really is a serene way to spend time in the mountains – night times are very special there, with zero light pollution you’ll never have seen the moon and stars shine so brightly.
    “I’m hungry now”
    The dining tent is where you’ll spend most of your time whilst in the camp.  It’s large, warm and serves the most delicious homemade Georgian food.  Breakfast is a feast  – pancakes, omelettes, fresh bread from the stove and other delights await.  There is an apres ride soup served at 4pm before dinner at 7pm which is again a huge array of traditional cuisine.  It really is some of the best food we’ve ever had on a trip away – the fact they knock it out in a tent at altitude is nothing short of incredible.
    Oh, Georgian wine and beer are on tap throughout the trip.
    The camp also has a good Wi-Fi – satellite connection and 220v generator charging for your phones and other devices.  It also has a super hot sauna and a shower too, a delight after a day of riding powder.
    “Who else is going?”
    The Rider Social books the whole camp out for its private use.  The camp has room for 10 clients but we will only take 5 on this trip.  We also start the group chat / comms early so you can get to know one another before we get there and after living together in close proximity for a week you’ll make new lifelong mountain friends.
    “What’s the riding like?”
    It really does have it all, steep alpine pitches and insane views await for the sunny days and some of the best and most open forest tree runs we’ve ever ridden that are on hand for poor visibility days.  The East forest features large, open glades and West has fluffy pillow lines for the more adventurous rider.
    Long, fun undulating powder fields serve as the home run back to camp.  We can guarantee you’ll not ride the same line twice, even in the trees.
    The other cool thing is that none of the terrain is difficult to access in split mode.  You’ll not need any boot crampons, harness or axe on this trip – in fact you’ll be hard pressed to make a kickturn or use splitboard crampons.  It’s the perfect week for folks wanting easy access to powder – this isn’t a technical splitting trip ( if technical alpinist splitboarding is your jam then you should be looking at our 5-day Trip and Split sessions that run in the Alps).
    That said, you should be physically prepared to make ascents of approx 1200m + vertical per day.  This could be one single 1200m walk up into the alpine where we’d make one transition at the top before riding down.  In the forest zones, it could be that we make 3 or 4 ascents of 350m each time that require multiple split transitions.
    “Is everyone going to be better than me?”
    You’ll all have the ability to float linked turns in deep snow and have the confidence to navigate and tack your way down through the (very well spaced) trees.  We don’t race up on the ascents and we’ll also ensure the descents are suitable for your individual level.
    Racha is a special place and while there are bigger mountains in the Upper Svaneti range you’ll be hard pressed to find a better playground than this.

    “I rode more powder here in 2 days than I have living in Switzerland over the past 2 years”  – Diego Bersini, Lausanne Switzerland.

    “Whose in charge?”
    Paul and Polo.
    Polo is a French born UIAGM splitboard guide from Evian Les Bains. He is supported by Jones and Spark R&D, and along with his best mates  (Jones team riders Pica Herry and Laurent Bibollet) helps coach the Jones European Team athletes on their early season safety days here in the Alps.
    Polo graduated from ENSA in Chamonix in 2013 and has been leading our splitboard crews since 2016 on worldwide adventures.  He’ll find you the best snow in the best place, every time.  Polo is in charge of your safety on the mountain and helping you to get the best out of your splitboarding, he’ll dispense splitboard technique and general touring wisdom, help you with equipment and occasionally shout ‘ALLEZ ALLEZ’ at you really loudly.
    Paul is from the UK but has been resident in France for nearly 18 years, he lives just 10 minutes from Polo in the same valley. He’s in charge of finding new and special worldwide splitboard destinations, the ensuing trip logistics and clients comms.  A distinctly average splitboarder for the past 12 years, he’s also found at the back of the skintrack on these trips muttering about being a back marker or something.
    “How do we get home?”
    After five and a half days of splitboarding we’ll make the descent back down from camp (by snowboard) on Friday afternoon.  At the bottom we’ll be picked up in the jeeps and taken back to Oni and the guesthouse for a farewell lunch and dinner.  Expect the food, wine and chacha (Georgian brandy) to flow while the entertainment is provided by a very talented group of local girls who’ll sing and dance.  Expect to join in the dancing and throw it down, Georgian style.
    Another comfy night in the guesthouse follows and we’ll be picked up by the mini-coach on Saturday morning for the trip back to Tbilisi where the trip ends.  Polo and I tend to stay in the city for the Saturday night, travelling home on the Sunday.  It is worth considering doing the same to check out this quite incredible city, a beautiful, cultural melting pot of East meeting West boasting architecture that will inspire and amaze.  It really is worth exploring while you’re there.
    “Got any video of the place?”




    8th Mar 2025 – 15th Mar 2025

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  • Splitboard Romania

    A Romanian Alpine Adventure.  Nestled in the Fagaras range of the Carpathian mountains in Transylvania is a gem of a zone.  Backcountry access equipment will be required on most days  to help us make the technical ascents.  The reward is a staggering variety of terrain  to ride – steep couloirs,  big faces and long fields of powder await.

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  • Splitboard Norway

    Our Splitboard Norway trip takes you on a journey to the northern-most reaches of the Arctic Circle with us.   This  Norwegian splitboard adventure takes you to explore a collection of remote  and mainly uninhabited islands holding cold snow, set in stunning fjords at a latitude of 70 degrees North.

    This is a dream splitboarding destination and it should be on your bucket list.   This Rider Social Splitboard Norway trip will take you to an off the radar splitboard touring zone, far away from the crowds in the better known destinations.

    Join us in exploring these special Arctic Archipelagos where the mountains rise up out of the cold arctic seas and let us ride from summit to sea.  The terrain is varied,  long open powder fields,  steep couloirs and big faces await.

    Each turn you make on the way down will of been earned every step of the way up, starting at sea level the walking is a little easier than if you were splitboarding in altitude.  In fact, the only really breath-taking thing about it will be the views.

    12th Apr 2025 – 19th Apr 2025

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High Mountain Guide UIAGM

Paul Verdier

UIAGM Splitboard Guide

Jean-Yves Fredriksen

BASI 4 Snowboard & Splitboard Instructor

Rory Burton

Crew Support

Paul Shirley

Crew Support

Jeremy Gordon

Splitboard and Snowboard Instructor

Quentin Keller


We can cater for all level of snowboarder. Introductory splitboard courses teach the fundamental basics of touring. Sessions for splitboard improvers include high alpine trips with a focus on backcountry craft whilst our finely paced hut to hut tours & speciality storm chasing road trips are perfect for those with a little more experience.

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