About Us

The Rider Social is a supremely mobile, backcountry splitboard specialist based in the French Alps. With over 20 years of UIAGM level qualified guiding experience behind us we can almost guarantee you’ll only ride in only the best conditions on one of our weeks.

Our speciality is powder hunting, and not only do we know where to find it but we’re also fully set up to get you to it, fast.

As an agile and flexible trip provider we can move to whichever local area or country has the best snow & weather windows to ride it in. It could be we stay in France or move to Italy or Switzerland to find it. Perhaps even a mix of the three. It’s never nothing less than a full adventure.

Our network of UIAGM guides across the Alps are invaluable contacts and a source of real-time information on conditions for us. When you combine this with our knowledge of localised weather systems you get full access to the best possible conditions on your trip.

We cater for every level of snowboarder. Introductory splitboard courses teach the fundamental basics of touring. Sessions for splitboard improvers include high alpine trips with a focus on backcountry craft whilst our finely paced hut to hut tours & speciality storm chasing road trips are perfect for those with a little more experience.

We also operate bespoke splitboard trips to Norway, Romania & Georgia. In Deep Since 2008.