Splitboard Chablais

We are (still) getting the website ready for next season & given the current Covid uncertainty in the world we believe that winter 2021 will be a good one to focus on running trips a little closer to home, for the main part.

As luck would have it in March of this year we launched a trip called Splitboard Chablais. Splitboard Chablais is a session that combines a backyard adventure ethic with our mobile agility as an operator. It is arguably this ‘ready and able to move‘ ability that we have become so well known for – it’s a skill that makes for great turns and cool trips.

What the Chablais sessions proved was that you don’t always need (however cool it might be) to fly to far flung destinations each year to ride outrageously good terrain in primo conditions. The trick is knowing where to go and when. Luckily that’s exactly what we’re really, really good at doing..

It does help that our UIAGM splitboard guides here at The Rider Social are Chablais born and bred. They grew up climbing, snowboarding and skiing in the region and know the place like you knew your old neighbourhood growing up as a kid – perhaps better, even.

When you combine this level of guide, their complete understanding of the Chablais geography and weather patterns with a supremely mobile splitboard operator then you can be confident in knowing you’ll end up finding the goods on your trip. And that’s kinda why we do it, it’s what we strive to achieve on every session we run.

In the first 5 images below the guys on our Splitboard Chablais trip are getting some dreamy old turns down in light and cold pow through some really nicely spaced trees. On the day these shots were taken we were just a 90 minute drive away from Morzine – where it was raining….hard. Case in point.

Reality check: C-19 will (probably) still present a big problem for all of us next winter especially in terms of free movement. If some countries boarders shut down (e.g. Switzerland and you are looking at a camp in Engelberg) then there is a really high probability that it will not go ahead. That’s where our being supremely mobile with no set agenda might help you out. Our being able to quickly change direction and plans at the very last moment might help mitigate that kind of shit scenario.

Splitboard Chablais trips for next season? Just lets say there will be a few variations on a theme to choose from & we will be running weekly sessions for all different levels. From the more locally orientated Chablais sessions in the Abondance valley and just beyond to our high octane Trip & Split Chablais offering.

That aside, lets stay positive & if everyone behaves, wears a mask and stays safe we’ll be back to a newer kind of normal sooner rather than later.

See you in a Chablais skintrack soon #splitboardchablais #tripandsplitchablais #chablaisforever #wearechablais