Attention: A Heads Up On Our Splitboard Chablais Trips For 2021

Hey there,

Sadly we have felt it necessary to bring to your attention that there is a company here in France that has taken our popular Splitboard Chablais offering and re-packaged it as a very similar sounding trip of their own for next season.

We are quite used to having these none splitboard specific guys copying our work. Usually we would let this slide (cos life is too short) and because we are confident in our brand and the quality of our product.

In this case though we feel we need to highlight and draw a very clear line between our Splitboard Chablais trips and their version called Chablais Splitboard Explorer.

Why do we need to?

The Rider social has an impeccable safety record and many years experience of running high level backcountry splitboard trips with LOCAL UIAGM high mountain guides born in the area. We have all of the necessary specialist driving qualifications (CPC) and the insurances to take you to the best conditions across European borders & we include equipment if required at no extra cost. It is a smooth & polished operation which has taken many years to perfect

We don’t know if they have anything like our level of expertise or the experience required to successfully operate a trip like this.

Hopefully you can see our predicament here but there could be a huge difference in quality of service on offer and it might be easy for some of you to get confused as to which is which due to the less than creative naming of their package.

So to recap – Chablais Splitboard Explorer is NOT a Rider Social offering. To ride with us you need to be on either the Splitboard Chablais 3 Day Session or our Trip & Splitboard Chablais 3 Day Session.

Sorry to be dull but we felt pushed, for the sake of clarity, to point this one out…

See you in the skin track #chablaisforever #splitboardchablais