Splitboarding & Backcountry Snowboarding: March 2017
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We ran two splitboarding & backcountry snowboarding weeks so far in March 2017. The first Trip and Split week ran 4th-11th March. Have a quick look at what we got up to on the first week. Trip and Split 4th-11th March: … Read More

Alps Snow Forecast 2017
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Alps snow forecast 2017 ? Hmm, it’s that time of the year again when we all start looking forward to winter and begin to wonder what kind of conditions we’ll get this time around. First let’s have a quick recap … Read More

Trip and Split : A Splitboard Adventure
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The Rider Social ran three Trip and Split courses in 2016 and each one was a splitboard adventure but quite different in course content. This was ultimately down to the weather as the snow came late again to the Alps after a promising start mirroring the pattern we had at the same time in 2015.  However, this season we had a marginally better base so when the mother-load did arrive in January we were able to ride some of the more interesting lines in the Chatel area.

Short Break Splitboarding Trips
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We seem to do more & more short break splitboarding and backcountry trips for people each season. The benefits are obvious I guess, if as a group of 3 or 4 can’t make an advertised week with us here then … Read More

Splitboarding with MPORA
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Last March James Renhard from Mpora.com the action sports website came to Chatel to do some splitboarding with us here at The Rider Social. It was James first time on the splits and you can read his thoughts on his … Read More

Deep Snow Culture
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The explosion in popularity of backcountry snowboarding and splitboarding has brought with it a bewildering array of new outerwear and  kit from brands promising unparalleled comfort and protection. From socks to soft shells its a bit of a maze trying … Read More

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