Pre Season Splitboarding in Chatel

There is nothing like a bit of pre-season splitboarding in Chatel. Its quiet, no lifts are running and the snow has been quite frankly remarkable so far for December. We are already 9 powder days in at the time of writing this entry and there are more forecast to come in the New Year.

With all this powder I have been lucky enough to put the new  Never Summer UK Swift splitboard through its paces.  The new profile on this 2018 Shaper Series board has given it even more agility and float which is beyond impressive.   

It still remains to be seen how it copes with long tours but I’m hopeful. We’ll let you know on that as soon as we’ve done one. I am riding a 162 but to be honest that’s verging on excessive. We reckon a 152 – 157 will give you all you need for those deep days and more maneuverability in the trees. 

Here is a rough n ready little edit we put together of the Swift splitboard riding in powder. As you can see it just eats the terrain up. I can’t emphasise enough just what a great snowboard this thing is. We will have the 2019 regular Swift for test here at The Rider Social from mid January 2108 if you want to try one out. Just drop us an email to or  get in touch on Facebook


Morclan December 2017 from The Rider Social on Vimeo.