Our Splitboard Norway trip takes you on a journey to the northern-most reaches of the Arctic Circle with us.   This  Norwegian splitboard adventure takes you to explore a collection of remote  and mainly uninhabited islands holding cold snow, set in stunning fjords at a latitude of 70 degrees North.

This is a dream splitboarding destination and it should be on your bucket list.   This Rider Social Splitboard Norway trip will take you to an off the radar splitboard touring zone, far away from the crowds in the better known destinations.

Join us in exploring these special Arctic Archipelagos where the mountains rise up out of the cold arctic seas and let us ride from summit to sea.  The terrain is varied,  long open powder fields,  steep couloirs and big faces await.

Each turn you make on the way down will of been earned every step of the way up, starting at sea level the walking is a little easier than if you were splitboarding in altitude.  In fact, the only really breath-taking thing about it will be the views.

Course dates & times

12th Apr 2025 – 19th Apr 2025