Alps Snow Forecast 2016

Usually  having a punt at predicting a long range  Alps snow forecast (for 2016) is like trying to pick the winner in the Grand National. Not impossible but never ever easy. However, the roasting hot summer temperatures we have experienced so far this year ( a welcome change after last years wash-out) have meant that it been almost too hot to go out and do anything too strenuous.  As a consequence this has led to us looking at general weather patterns and trends on a daily basis – which is usually something we obsess with more during the winter months!

The general consensus seems to be that we could well experience a moderate to strong El Niño event which all the current weather models and data are pointing towards. However, what that means in terms of snow we don’t yet know – the jury is out on that one.

Have a read of what Maurice at wepowder is saying about it. It’s not only a great blog but a super  useful resource if you are  hunting out  fresh powder during the winter months.

Hopefully its on snow-wise  for 2016 cos looking at our Instagram  account earlier I noticed that the following picture was taken in November 2014 on a splitboarding trip to the Saint Grand Bernard area.  That means in under 16 weeks we could well be out splitboarding and  riding  pow again – which given the 30+ degree heat at 5pm here today seems crazy!  Fingers crossed eh.